Protect your Website from Hackers, Malware and Blacklists!

The perimeter defense your website deserves, bringing you peace of mind

We will build the best and most affordable cloud-basedsecurity technologies and service that every website, regardless of platform, can employ.

We will offer to website owners the most concise security resource on the web for the security of their website[s].
Cloud Proxy is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) for websites. In short, it protects your web site from attacks, malware and the dangers of getting blacklisted. It also supports any type of platform, from WordPress, Joomla, vBulletin to Magento, and even custom designs.

We're securing you, but how are we securing ourselves?

WSSS Security needs a lot of information about you and your sites in order for us to do our job properly, and we value your security as much as you do. We understand that protecting your privacy and security is absolutely vital in maintaining the trust you place in us, and so we strive to take every possible step towards achieving exactly that.

How do we protect you?

WSSS Security runs a number of services to power its platform, all hosted on third party cloud providers. Our website is hosted on Heroku. Our other services run on Heroku, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Rackspace.

The website uses HSTS to force a secure TLS connection with our users, while additionally employing the use of mutually authenticated TLS for communications between all of our other services.

We encrypt or hash all of your sensitive information before storing it. In the case of passwords, we hash the data using bcrypt, with a unique salt. Conversely, when dealing with retrievable data like API keys, we encrypt them using AES-256, in CBC-mode, with securely generated, unique IVs and salts.

We support one secure method of payment on our website: credit card payments via Stripe. We never collect your credit card information, and instead securely pass the information to our payment provider. As a result, we cannot access your credit card information, as it never passes through our servers.


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