Why using WSSS?

What is WSSS

WSSS is an online security scanner that automatically tests your web application for 700+ vulnerabilities. We use the knowledge of 100 handpicked ethical hackers to continuously detect the latest security issues and provide you with information on how to fix them. The service is used by CSOs, CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, Security Engineers, Developers and Devops.

Where we started

WSSS was born from the simple idea that the internet was broken. The company was founded in 2013 by a group of top ranked white-hat hackers who had discovered severe vulnerabilities in Google, Facebook and PayPal etc. WSSS is still a part of the ethical hacking community, and we utilize the knowledge of 100+ handpicked hackers from around the globe to keep our users safe. Today, we have customers from a wide range of industries, countries and sizes, such as KING, LeMonde and Trello

How a scan works

  • Add and verify ownership of the domain you want to test
  • Start a scan
  • Your website is tested for 1000+ vulnerabilities
  • New vulnerabilities are added to the scanner every week
  • You will receive descriptive reports with your security issues

Why automation and crowdsourced security?

  • Automation will increase the coverage and frequency of tests
  • Developers will find vulnerabilities that were unknown to them before
  • You will get more value from manual penetration testing
  • You will get access to automated knowledge from 100+ ethical hackers

Go hack yourself

... or someone else will!


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